FIX'N'FOAM - Hand Foam

Polyurethane self expandable foam adhesive



Fix'N'Foam - Hand Foam, is CFC-free polyurethane self expandable foam adhesive filler designed for use in filling cavities of all kinds, in all conventional substrates found in the boat construction and repair, machinery manufacturing, commercial vehicle and the building construction and repair industries.

Fix'N'Foam has some excellent properties
Forms semi-rigid structure with closed cells (app. 80%)
Excellent adhesion on most common materials and between different materials
Can be trimmed, sanded and painted after full cure.
Excellent filling capacities, expands to 40 times its original size
Strong bonding characteristics
Excellent thermic and acoustic insulation
Electric Insulator


State of Surface:

Surface should be clean and free from dust and oil and other release particles.


Moistening of the substrate surfaces improves adhesion, increases curing rate and creates a denser cellular structure.


To all surfaces including yourself and your clothes except for PE and PP high-density plastics.


Therefore please wear disposable clothes and protective gloves to ensure good hygiene standards.
Goggles are always recommended.


Protect Fix'N'Foam from UV radiation by painting or applying a coating of say FixSeal MSP15 adhesive sealant.







Installation of door frames, window frames and roofing materials,
Filling of cavities, to stop creaks and groans and reduce noise transfer for soundproofing
Insulating iceboxes, connecting polystyrene panels for wall insulation and other insulating sandwich panels

Read instructions on the can before proceeding to apply Fix'N'Foam










Download the Technical Data Sheet for Fix'N'Foam Hand Foam (39KB)
Download the MSDS for Fix'N'Foam Hand Foam (41.1KB)

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