Structural 100% waterproof structural timber glue




FIXIT MATE GLUE is a low viscosity honey coloured one-component polyurethane adhesive. As a high strength structural 100% waterproof adhesive that cures in the presence of air & humidity. The product shows excellent adhesion on all types of timber, including damp timber and especially suited for marine timber construction, timber outdoor furniture, doors, shutters, window construction panels also adheres to carpet, concrete, brickwork, steel, aluminium, glass, polystyrene, and many other materials except for the plastics PP and PE. It is important to note FIXIT MATE GLUE requires at least one component to be porous, it is also ideal that at least one surface has been wiped down with a clean water wet cloth, this also assist in the curing process.

FIXIT Mate GLUE thanks to its liquid consistency is ideal for adhering components in the workshop before placement, you have 30 minutes of clear working time and a 3-hour clamping time is required before the job is done. FIXIT MATE GLUE will expand 3-4 times the amount you applied so use less to compensate, it will achieve 80% strength in 3 hours and continue to harden for 24hours. FIXIT MATE GLUE is completely food safe and can be used for gluing cutting boards, bowls, chopping blocks etc.


Surface must be clean, free of dust, grease and oil.  For best results abrade the surfaces to expose a new surface slightly moistening with fresh clean water on the substrates improves curing rate and gap filling characteristics as adhesive foams up to penetrate the bond cavity. Always perform an adhesive test before proceeding. Open time is 30 minutes with a clamping time of 3 hours. FIXIT MATE GLUE is rated in Europe as a 100% water resistance and rated D4 (Din EN 204).  Surfaces must be clamped due to expansion properties of adhesive.


Clean with Methylated Spirits or Acetone. 


Bottle 750gm.

Cut a small hole in the top of the squeeze bottle nozzle. Dispense the minimum amount you need and reseal, it is best to squeeze out the air for best longevity of an opened bottle. Even though the product contains no solvents to evaporate, it is always best to reseal. The product is given a minimum 12-month shelf life.


Technical Data

 Technical Data Sheet - Fixit Mate Glue FMP200
Material Safety Data Fixit Mate Glue FMP200



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