FMP100 - Polyurethane based high strength structural adhesive



FIXIT-MATE GRIP FMP100 is a one-component polyurethane based high strength structural 100% waterproof adhesive that cures in the presence of air & humidity. The product adhesion to all types of timbers, seals voids and is stronger than the grade of timber used anywhere.

FIXIT-MATE GRIP FMP100 thanks to its pasty consistency shows excellent non-sagging properties and is suitable for all applications it is also easy to spread for full surface contact.

FIXIT-MATE GRIP FMP100 applications are for timber hull and deck construction, teak deck adhering onto timber, fibreglass, steel and aluminium boat decks, also adheres to all typical construction substrates including polystyrene. Surfaces must be clamped or held in place for 2-3 hours max.
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Surface must be clean, free of dust, grease and oil.  For best results abrade the surfaces to expose a new surface slightly moistening of the substrates improves curing rate and gap filling characteristics as adhesive foams up to penetrate the bond cavity. Always perform an adhesive test before proceeding. Open time is 30 minutes with a clamping time of 3 hours only, and the water resistance is rated D4 (Din EN 204).  Surfaces must be clamped to obtain maximum results.


Clean with Methylated Spirits, or Acetone before cure, excess cured product can be cut or sanded without blunting tools.


Cartridge: cut off the tip only on the plastic cartridge not below the thread at the nozzle location, screw fix the plastic nozzle and cut according to the extrusion diameter required, extrude from cartridge with a manual FG3/FG4 or FG5 pneumatic gun.

The opened cartridges should be capped after use.



Technical Data

Technical Data - Fixit Mate Grip/FIXIT GRIP
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