100% Clear marine quality adhesive sealant



FixSeal MSPCLEAR is a high quality single-component flexible 100% Clear extra strong adhesive joint sealant, suitable for above and below waterline applications. Based on a Modified Polymer®, chemically neutral and fully elastic. Suitable for use in low movement joints in Marine, also suitable for automotive, aerospace and construction applications where a tough flexible clear adhesive sealant is required.
FixSeal MSPCLEAR is recommended for fixing and sealing of porous and non porous substrates including all metal types, including stainless steel, aluminium, steel, 2-pack paints most plastics, glass, carbon fibre, fibreglass, timber, polystyrene and many other components and parts, found within marine vessels, also suitable for automotive, caravan, building construction industries.

FixSeal MSPCLEAR has excellent non-sagging properties and short cut-off string so that it can be applied in thick layers, with non-bubble formation within the sealant, shows excellent resistance to UV rays climate changes and environmental agents, is resistant to many chemicals, fresh and salt water.
FixSeal MSPCLEAR is overpaintable with water based paints and many other paint systems, and will not stain porous materials such as natural stone, granite and marble we do always recommend sample testing to confirm compatibility.


Surface must be clean and dry, free from dust and oil.  For best results clean all non-porous substrates such as gel coats, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, plastics with a good alcohol cleaner such as AC50.
For best results prime porous substrates such as timber with Primer PR10.
FixSeal MSPCLEAR can also be used as finishing wipes for a smooth great see through  (invisible) finish.

Do not apply Acetone to raw fibreglass as a pre cleaner, as it may reactivate the resins making the fibreglass a sticky and non-adhesive surface. Acetone can be applied to gel coats, glass and other substrates to clean, as the gel coat will not react to the Acetone.


Cartridge: Cut off the tip only on the plastic nozzle not below the thread at the nozzle location, screw fix the plastic nozzle and cut according to the extrusion diameter required, extrude from cartridge with a manual FG3/FG4 or FG5 pneumatic gun.
Sausage: Insert sausage into a manual barrel tool FG7 or pneumatic barrel tool FG8, cut the sausage just behind the clip, screw the front end flange with the nozzle cut to diameter of bead required onto the barrel tool and dispense carefully.
Cleaning: Methylated Spirits immediately after application and before curing
Tooling: Soapy diluted solution before skin formation
Repair: Repair with FixSeal MSPCLEAR.

Technical Data

 Technical Data Sheet - Fixseal MSP Clear/FIXCLEAR
Material Safety Data - FixSeal MSPCLEAR/FIXCLEAR


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