High strength multi-blended unique moisture curing silicone




FIXSIL FS200 is a high strength multi-blended unique moisture curing silicone 100% UV resistant and suitable for the harsh marine environment for the fixing and sealing of organic and non-organic window panels, which is glass, acrylic, Perspex etc.

FIXSIL FS200 is easy to gun and apply, and unaffected by weather ability conditions such as sunlight, UV-radiation, rain and temperature extremes, and its high movement capability suits both organic and inorganic panels.

FIXSIL FS200 thanks to its consistency shows excellent non-sagging properties even when applied in thick layers. The applied product is easily smoothed out and, once polymerised, does not crack, and does not chalk like Polyurethane sealants.  It offers a good resistance to ageing, to atmospheric agents, to salt and fresh water and UV rays.


Surface must be clean and dry, free from dust and oil.  For best results lightly abrade the gelcoat or raw fibreglass with light sand and clean with a suitable solvent or alcohol wipe such as AC50.

Do not apply Acetone to raw fibreglass as a pre cleaner, as it may reactivate the resins making the fibreglass skin texture sticky and non-adhesive. 

Minimum sealing thickness between the vessel substrate and window panel are required to ensure the sealant can compensate for the relative movement as the organic or inorganic expands and contracts due to temperature variations.


After appropriately preparing both the vessel structure and window panel, cut the cartridge tip and cut the nozzle according to the extrusion diameter required.  Tape the inside of the synthetic glazing panel to suit the blackout perimeter of the panel, extrude the sealant over this proposed blackout area and paint the sealant over the blackout area ensure air bubbles and other entrapments are removed.

Extrude a bead of FIXSIL FS200 on-top of the blackout area or onto the vessel structure which ever is easier, apply in a zig zag bead and a final perimeter bead, and tilt in the glazing panel, using some temporary supports that will remain supporting the panel until the sealant has cured. Push the window firmly in-place and use spaces around the window to ensure a minimum gap of 3mm (depends on window size). Eg. 750 x 750 mm panel requires a sealant thickness of MIN. 3mm. mechanically fix where required.


Use diluted soapy water in a spray bottle and a suitable tool to finish the sealant


Protect the sealant AND PANELS from UV exposure until the sealant has cured.


Methylated Spirits before skin formation or curing.







Download the Technical Data Sheet for FixSil FS200 (821KB)

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