PR10, PR30 &AC50 - For better adhesion




PRIMERS PR10L10 (1Lt), and PR10L025 (250mL)

PR10 is a one-component primer that should be used on porous surfaces to ensure the bonding characteristics of the sealants.



Ideal for use on:

  • Timber boats where caulking is required
  • Teak and other exotic timber deck caulking joints
  • Oily timbers and marine plywood, such as Fijian Plywood used for finishing.






Clean the joints to ensure they are free of dust and debris, using a thin paint brush, brush into the joint the Primer PR10 and allow to penetrate the timber, a minimum of 20 minutes should be sufficient up to 2 hours maximum. The reason for the 2-hour limit is to ensure the joint stays dust free and contamination free. If the joints are left exposed overnight or longer it is best to recoat the joints or panels with another coat of Primer PR10.



Window Glazing Activator Cleaner AC50L025 (250mL)

AC50L025 is a cleaner Activator that degreases and modifies the window glazing surface to improve the adhesion of the UV Blackout Primer PR30. This is a very necessary component and the application of the PR30 UV Blackout primer.


Surface must be clean and dry, free from dust and oil. Use a clean fresh cloth and lightly pour as required the AC50L025 onto the cloth, (ensure you wear protective gloves), wipe the zone on the glazing panel to be primed and rotate the cloth as you go until surface is clean.
UV Blackout Window Glazzing
Primer PR30 x 250mL



Glass Activator Clener AC50L025


Glass UV Blackout Primer PR300L025


PR30L025 is a reactive primer solvent based.  It is to be applied on the window glazing panel previously cleaned with the Solvent Cleaner AC50L025. PR30 is a UV blackout primer for organic glass.

PR30L025 is applied with a good quality felt roller, clean cloth or quality rub in brush.  When the applicator is wet with the PR30L025 apply with a light regular pressure.  If it is impossible to practice pressure, make a small hole in the container to obtain a good flow of the product.

Note: Shake the bottle well before use in order to make the product perfectly homogeneous. Make sure you can hear the marbles rattle.

Cleaning: Within 5 minutes from the application it is possible to effect the cleaning with some petrol.

Download the MSDS for AC50 Activator Cleaner (102KB)
Download the MSDS for PR10 Teak Primer (137KB)
Download the MSDS for PR30 Glass UV Blackout Primer (34.6KB)

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