2 pack, marine fine white polyester repair filler



MP101 is a two component white thixotropic polyester putty with extremely low shrinkage and water absorption. MP101 is flexible, easy to apply with spatula and easy to sand with excellent adhesion on fibreglass, steel, zinc plated steel, various sheet metal, stainless steel, timber, various composites and fibreglass and gel coats.

MP101 is suitable for many sealing and repair operations, above and below the water line, metal panels and fibreglass panels small non-expansion joints and cracks for inside and outside applications, plug moulds.
MP101 thanks to its pasty consistency shows excellent non-sagging properties even when applied in thick layers.
MP101 is easy to sand and gives an ultra smooth finish ready to be painted over even with 2 pack paints.

MP101 is overpaintable, once hardened on surface, with most common solvent-based paint (urethane, epoxy and acrylic) and water based (acrylic).  It is advisable to make preliminary tests when using  any over paint systems


Surface must be clean and dry, free from dust and oil.  For best results lightly abrade the gelcoat or raw fibreglass with light sand and clean with a dry cloth.


Open the tin carefully, and spatula out only enough filler as is required on the job at hand, replace lid firmly. Open the small tube of hardener paste (red in colour), apply a small amount of hardener about a 2.5% of the paste volume, "some say a small finger nail to a small cupped palm size in volume". In warmer climates use slightly less hardener to slow down the curing, and in colder climates slightly increase the hardener volume. Mix the two parts well with a plastic spatula, or tooling knife until the mixture is well blended, the putty will stay white even using the red paste, apply the prepared putty to the surface. Fixtech's MP101 can be feathered to a fine edge and after half an hour the putty can be sanded to a smooth finish. Marine paints can be applied directly onto MP101. Test paint compatibility when ever a new paint is used to ensure compatability.








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