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Fix190 - 600mL Sausage

FIX190 is a single component adhesive sealant offering ultimate high strength in structural bonding and direct glazing bonding and sealing.

  • MS Polymer, chemically neutral and fully elastic.
  • Availble in Black and White.
  • Free of isocyanates and solvents.
  • Extra long working time.
  • Suitable for above and below waterline.
  • Potable water certified.
  • Paintable and resistant to mould. (Compatibility tests recommended)
  • UV stable producing non-yellowing whites and colour fast blacks.
  • Primerless bonding to most substrates.
  • 3.6MPa - Equivalent to holding 36Kg per cm²
  • Available in a 600ml sausage.

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FIX190 STD  - High quality single component adhesive sealant with ultimate bond strength.

Based on a Modifired - MS polymer, FIX190 is a chemically neutral and fully elastic sealant used in low movement joints and for structural bonding and glazing in the Marine, Transport, Areospace and Construction industries where a strong flexible bond is required.

FIX190 is approved by Det Norske Vertas (DVN) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for structural bonding and direct glazing, along with having certification to be used in potable water by Standards Assurance Innovations - ASNZ4020.

Please contact Fixtech Head Office for copies of Certification Approval.

FIX190 STD cures into a very strong flexible rubber, with excellent adhesion to many substrates such as, but not limited to; timber, fibreglass, carbon fibre, epoxy coated products, glass, ceramic, aluminium, all stainless steels, copper, rough and treated metals, along with most plastics. Refer to the TDS for more information.

  • Structurally suitable in the Marine industry for deck to hull joins.
  • Structurally suitable for the manufacture of composite trailers Eg; Rv's and motorhomes.
  • Extra long working time for completing larger applications to substrates.
  • Excellent adhesion to most porous and non-porous substrates. Primer may be required. Please refer to the TDS for more infomation.
  • High performance mechanical properties.
  • Flexible elastic rubber; movement accomodation +20%
  • No bubble formulation within the sealant.
  • Easy to tool and finish. Fixtech does not recommend the use of chemicals or solvents during the process of tooling. Please refer to the TDS for more information.
  • Can be wet on wet painted with all water based paints. (Compatibility tests recommended.)
  • Can be applied under water.
  • Minimal health and safety risks to the user.